About Attorney

About Attorney

Jerry Clarke

For nearly 20 years, Attorney Jerry Clarke has aided clients in employment law cases and estate planning in the Philadelphia area. Attorney Clarke also serves as general counsel to several medium size employees in the eastern Montgomery County vicinity. He has significant experience representing clients on both sides of employment cases and now works exclusively with employees in dealing with issues that they may have with a current or former employer. Litigation should be seen as a last resort and that is the approach Attorney Clarke takes to all employment matters.

Attorney Clarke's other major field of concentration is in the Wills, Trusts and Estate area. He is equally adept at handling a "simple" Will for a modest estate to more sophisticated estate planning for more substantial estates. A key concern and focus for elderly clients is so-called "Medicaid" planning to allow the individual to retain assets for loved ones in the event that skilled nursing care is needed. Attorney Clarke has obtained his CPA license and practiced as an accountant prior to becoming a lawyer. His financial background provides a unique perspective and detailed understanding of the tax ramifications of proposed estate planning scenarios.

Attorney Clarke is also very experienced in assisting with the administration of estates. While the approach of some attorneys in this area is to charge a very large retainer fee, Attorney Clarke sits down with the Executor or Administrator of the estate and discusses each aspect of the estate administration process. From this discussion, an estimate of approximate time required is determined to complete the estate. It is his belief that this informed approach lessens the "sticker shock" that sometimes occurs at estate closure.

Besides these areas, Attorney Clarke has practiced in the area of Bankruptcy Law and Family Law although these are not his focus at present. However, even if your matter does not involve either employment law, estate planning or estate administration, Attorney Clarke will be happy to discuss your matter with you and direct you to a colleague that could help you if he cannot.

Attorney Clarke offers free consultations for all of his clients. Access to the law is a very important concept at Clarke and Associates. Don't hesitate to call the office to set up some time to talk with Attorney Jerry Clarke.